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CHECS Education Technology Consortium

History of CHECS

CHECS was founded in 1983 by Joe Denk, Bob Tacker, and Bill Walden. Joe, Bob, and Bill worked in conjunction with other major universities in the state to create a group dedicated to joining all of higher education and combining available technologies for all members. These higher education institutions joined forces to work toward common goals and to learn from one another.

The creation of CHECS brought increased connectivity both to the larger, urban universities such as as UNM, New Mexico State University, in Las Cruces New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech), as well as to many smaller and more rural schools such as Eastern New Mexico University (WNMU) and the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI). Banding technology resources together enabled all these higher education institutions to not only increase connectivity and productivity, but also allowed for better, more competitive pricing on technology services.

Original members of CHECS were:

More about the history of CHECS (PDF)
CHECS Strategic Directions (PDF)